Hello 2017! Meet #thesavageway

Hello 2017! Meet #thesavageway

Torrie & Paula of #thesavageway

Meet #thesavageway: Torrie Savage & Paula Bartlett seeking the good on a job in Boston, MA.

Meet #thesavageway

We’ve been in business since 2012. In the early days we focused on social media execution/training along with PR for local Charlotte businesses. From Papi Queso, Heist Brewery and Libretto’s Pizzeria to AIR Aerial Fitness and Cruise Carts, our client list was diverse and successful. However, while we were representing our clients during the day, at night we were creating something new and different – Clean Graffiti (or a clean message on a dirty sidewalk).

As we developed our core eco-friendly service, Clean Graffiti, we deliberately created a shift in our business. We began opening up our time for more Clean Graffiti work and slowly wrapping up our social media consulting clients. This shift happened over a few years, but now we are in a place where the services of #thesavageway reflect our passions.

Clean Graffiti
Moss Art
Creative Marketing


Examples of Clean Graffiti work by #thesavageway.



Examples of Moss Art by #thesavageway.

We still consult and guide local businesses from time to time, but we only accept a handful as clients. And the ones we choose to work with, we wholeheartedly believe in what they stand for as a company.

So what is #thesavageway?
We are a creative marketing agency. We seek clients who are willing to think big and entrust us with their message.
We cultivate creativity in nature. Whether it is dirt and concrete or moss and recycled wood, we find the beauty in the outdoors and turn it into a creative marketing campaign.
We are a lifestyle. Our outlook on life, the future, health, food and relationships – they all revolve around compassion and living colorfully. We seek the good in all things and desire for you to as well.

So hello! We’re Paula Bartlett (that’s me – I write this blog) and Torrie Savage. 2017 is going to be a great year and we hope that you follow along. Expect to see some fun reverse graffiti campaigns (across many cities), lots of yummy plant based food, dancing videos, laughter and other shenanigans. Oh and be sure to follow our Instagram page – that’s where all the fun really happens 🙂